There is no denying that blackjack is far and away one of the most popular casino games. The game itself is simple to understand and requires almost no skill in order to play and win. Played at a variety of stake levels, blackjack is a game that can be played by people with any type of bankroll. When online casinos started becoming popular throughout the latter half of the 1990s, blackjack was one of the premier games being offered by budding online gambling locations. As the game began being introduced to a whole new audience of people, it only became even more popular than it was already. Despite traditional online blackjack for real money is suitable for most people, the fact that no Situs Slot Online Terpercaya dealer exists online was something that kept even more people away from the online game. Nowadays, however, live dealer blackjack is growing in popularity and can be found on an increasing number of sites. In the following few sections we will discuss why it is a good gaming option as well as how the live game works through real money casino sites.Top Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

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Players AcceptedWhy Play Live Blackjack?

One of the biggest reasons people prefer live blackjack online over the traditional, 2-dimensional version of the game is due to the fact that a live person is dealing you cards, and not a computer-generated program. Despite the online casino industry being extremely trustworthy nowadays, there are still plenty of people who hate playing games of chance simply because they think the site is stealing their money or in some way affecting the outcome of each hand. Because the cards and hands are generated by a randomized computer algorithm, who’s to say that the players aren’t being duped into thinking the game isn’t rigged?

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With live blackjack played for real money, you can see the dealer physically shuffling cards, dealing them, and turning them over. The fact that you are seeing real cards be played on a real blackjack table is a much more settling idea than the video game style blackjack that so many people have grown accustomed to.

Another, more prominent reason behind why people prefer live dealer blackjack is due to the fact that going to a brick and mortar casino is not always an option. Sure, some people live only a short drive away from major casinos, but even more people live in parts of the world where a casino is nowhere near where they live. Live blackjack is able to deliver a more realistic casino experience to someone who otherwise may not be able to play the game.How Live Blackjack Works

When you sit down at a live blackjack table online, you will be greeted by the dealer and play will begin almost immediately. Contrary to what some people believe, bets are made with 2-dimensional, digital chips and not with real live chips handled by the dealer. Once you place your wager(s), cards will be dealt and the hand will be played as normal. The dealer will prompt you with your options (hit, stand, double, split, etc.) as the hand progresses. When all is said and done, the dealer will make it known whether you won the hand, lost, or pushed.

In most cases, you can even chat with the dealer if you have any questions needed to be addressed. Sometimes the dealer is being streamed live from a brick and mortar casino somewhere in the world, but more often than not they are at a live brick and mortar casino of sorts. These options are dependant on which perangkat lunak the casino is using to provide their live dealers.  For a comparison of each perangkat lunak’s options, there’s a great summary table over at blackjackinfo which goes over the differences to lebih jelasnya. In the background, you can often see other live dealer casino games such as casino hold’em and live roulette.

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This style of playing blackjack may be new and in many ways foreign to you, but it is slowly but surely changing the way in which people play blackjack online.Live Dealer Blackjack Questions and Answers

Blackjack has always been a fascinating game to casino goers because it combines skill, a low house edge, and a vibrant atmosphere. But the atmosphere part is cut out of regular online blackjack because it’s just you, the cards, and the perangkat lunak.

This is where live dealer blackjack is interesting because you get to see real action from a land-based casino while you play. If you’d like to learn more about live blackjack, then read through the following questions and answers.

No, the problem is that live dealer blackjack doesn’t give you enough deck penetration – a.k.a. the amount of cards dealt before the shoe is reshuffled.

Another problem is that live dealer blackjack games move slower than normal land-based casino tables, meaning even if you did get good deck penetration, it would be hard to earn a good hourly rate.

Yes, you use the same strategy to win in live dealer blackjack as you would in regular online blackjack games. You can find a strategy card online and use it while you’re playing live dealer blackjack games.

Two things that you need to watch out for, though, include getting tiga:2 payouts on natural Situs Slot Online blackjacks (instead of 6:5) and the dealer standing on a soft 17. These player-friendly rules are a given in regular internet blackjack, but not always at live dealer tables.

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The best live dealer casinos are often found in Europe through licensed markets.

Many of the world’s biggest online gaming giants are based in Europe, including 888, Betfair, Betsson, Paddy Power, and William Hill. So it’s little surprise that you’ll also find stellar live dealer blackjack in European-facing countries.

Yes, many live dealer casinos offer blackjack to US residents and other countries around the world.

Some players worry that live dealer casinos stack the deck or do other nefarious things since players aren’t actually there.

But this shouldn’t be a concern because live dealer casinos hold licenses, and their entire reputation depends upon offering fair play. A single scandal would rock an online casino and tarnish their reputation for good.

Live blackjack largely features the same interface as regular online blackjack. But the key difference is that you’ll see a real dealer and table in the center screen.

This action is streamed from a land-based casino or similar setup, and you get to interact with the dealer while playing. This provides you with the atmosphere of a live dealer casino, and the convenience of mobile/online blackjack.See Also:’s Blackjack Table Reviews’s Provider Comparison Evolution of Live Dealer Blackjack The Truth Behind Immense Popularity of Live Native Blackjack Live and Online Blackjack- How to Make up Your Mind between These Two?