Casino College Online – Train to Deal Professionally!”Casino Dealing is one of the most lucrative, in-demSitus Slot Online Terpercaya and, high paying careers available today”

Welcome to the Casino College Online Poker & Blackjack Dealer Training Program! With our cutting edge online training acara, which combines years of dealer pembinaan experience & the largest system of casino pelatihan in the United States, you WILL learn how to deal Poker & Blackjack at a professional level, and best of all, you’ll do it on your own schedule! The Casino College has trained literally thousands of Casino Dealers, and you could be next!

Casino Dealers make great money! With above average hourly wages, and tips, you could be making a couple hundred dollars each and every night – meaning you could easily be making $50,000+ yearly. Plus, most casinos offer benefits, vacation pay and very flexible work schedules.Sound interesting? We created our Online Training Program to give students who simply don’t live near a quality Casino School, or just don’t havethe time to adhere to a rigid training schedule the ability to learn how to deal Poker & Blackjack, the two hottestCasino Dealer Positions around, from the comfort of home. Casino Dealers are in hot demand! Many of the country’s largest casinos simply do not have enough trained casino dealers to fill vacancies, and new poker rooms are opening almost daily, creating huge opportunities for those who posess the required skills.The Casino College Online was designed to be used byFull & Part Time Job Seekers – If you’ve been wanting to start a new career, this may be just what you need to get your foot in the door!The Poker Player – Get exposed to hundreds of hands every night and increase your bankroll. Poker Dealers make better Poker PlayersPoker Leagues – Want to take your Poker League to another level? We’re here to help!Fundraiser & Casino Party Companies – Teach your staff how to deal Poker & Blackjack, for one low price!At $99 The Casino College Online is up to 20 times less than most Brick and Mortar Casino School Training Programs, and is HALF the cost of other Online Training Programs, and offers much more! We GUARANTEE that nobody offers a broader range of Casino Dealer Training Options at more affordable prices than we do.”I recently moved to the Sacramento area from southern California. My intentions were to attend the California Casino College, but even after I moved over 400 miles I was still a bit skeptical that the school would provide me with enough knowledge to secure a job in the gaming industry. Not to mention help me with job placement. Then I visited the College, and was introduced to the management, the instructors and the students. I then became confident that they could do what they said they could do. Boy, am I glad I made the decision to attend! Just a few weeks later, as I was nearing my graduation, a manager from a local Indian Casino named Jackson Rancheria came to the school to watch myself and the other students deal poker. To make a long story short? I am now employed at Jackson Rancheria in the table games department as a poker dealer!!! I haven?t even graduated yet and I have the job that I really desired and, I didn’t even have to go out and look! Thanks California Casino College!”

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– John Jenkins – Casino College GraduateDealing Cards is a skill that must be learnedDemand for trained Casino Dealers has never been higher and the Casino College Online can give you the edge you need and get you working as a Casino Dealer faster. While most professions require literally years of experiencebefore you could even think about applying for the job, Dealing Poker & Blackjack is very different. Due to the extreme growth of the gaming industry there simply aren’tenough trained dealers to fill all of the positions. Most dealer jobs require only that you pass the job audition to havea shot at the open spot, and our Online Training Programcan teach you the skills necessary to do just this! There are countless Casino Dealer Job vacancies just waiting to be filled. Click here to see a small list of Casino Job Openings. Get started now for only $99 – which includes our EXCLUSIVE DealerSim ™ Casino Dealer Simulation Software for Poker & Blackjack!

The Casino College Online is the only online casino pembinaan program backed by brick and mortar Casino Schools,with campuses in California, Washington, Michigan and Mississippi, that have literally placed thousands of Casino Dealersin some of the most famous casinos in the world. Click Here to see a list of recent Casino College Graduates and school photos. In fact, the Online Course uses the same exact course materials our brickand mortar schools use to train casino dealers. If after enrolling in the Online Course, you decide you’d like to enroll inone of our Schools, the full enrollment price for the online course will be deducted from your tuition. This also means that you can count on the Casino College Online being around for some time to come. Sample Course Screenshots

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So Can I really learn to deal online?Yes, you really can! Dealing Poker and Blackjack are hands-on jobs – we don’t deny that. However, a huge amount of the skill required is mental, and can easily be learned via a computer based training system. Plus, even the hands-on Situs Slot Online practice required, such as the shuffle, pitch and chip handling, can be done from home – We even offer very affordable practice kit add-on options for accomplishing this. And if this isn’t enough, our exclusive DealerSim ™ Interactive Casino Dealer Training Software will get you razor sharp & audition ready in no time, and our online pelatihan acara offers you the ability to upload video of yourself for one of our professional instructors to critique.

Unlike another so-called “Online Poker Dealer Course” out there, we really are a full-featured Online Training Program – Not just a downloadable ebook with a few photos and text you can probably find on ebay for $5.99. In fact, many of this site’s students end up coming to us for proper pembinaan! The Casino College Online features full course text with color images covering every aspect of Dealing Poker & Blackjack, hours of instructional video clips for both High and Low speed connections, Sample Audition Checklists, Self Grading Quizzes, Support via Toll-Free Phone, Email, Forums, Live Chat and our built in Support Module, and the ability to upload video of yourself and have our instructors critique your progress. Plus, once you successfully complete the course, you’ll qualify for a Certificate of Completion.”I just finished dealing the 2005 World Series of Poker at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas. It was a great experience and I wanted to thank you and all of your staff at the Casino College for helping me become a professional casino dealer”

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