You can use the Card Counting tutor below to practice your blackjack card counting skills. Train for 1,dua,4,6,or even 8 decks of cards! You can select between the counting Situs Slot Online methods listed below:Hi-LoHi-Opt IHi-Opt IIKnock-OutRevere Advanced Plus-MinusRevere Point CountRevere Advanced Point CountRevere 14 CountUston APCWong HalvesZen Count

Here are the basics to using the blackjack card counting trainer below:To display the next card, click on the pile on the right.To display the previous card, click on the left pile.To reach the last card, click that icon: To go back to the first card, click this one: If you click on the stopwatch, it pauses. Click it again, it continues.If you want to reset the stopwatch, click: The same icon is used for resetting the shoe (i.e. shuffling the cards). Of course, when you select a new number of decks, the cards are automatically shuffled.When you select a new counting system, cards are not shuffled! This is a very strong characteristic of the script, rarely seen elsewhere. Thus, you can compare different counters for the same status of the deck! You can answer questions like “OK, I’m +tiga with Zen count, how is it with Hi-Lo at this exact moment, with the same deck?”. Just switch the counting system from “Zen” to “Hi-Lo”.Sections with can be hidden. You display them clicking on .When you click on ANY number, it means you don’t want to see its value displayed, and a X will show. If you want to display that value again, click on it! It’s very useful. For instance, you can hide the total of cards remaining, or hide the current count. Etc.TC is the True Count counter and Decks displays how many decks Situs Slot Online Terpercaya (52 cards) are left into the shoe.IRC is the initial Running Count. For most counting systems, it’s 0.A, 7 display how many Aces and Sevens have been dealt so far.2-9 displays how many cards ranging from dua to 9 have been displayed (7 included!)10-K displays how many big points cards (10, J, Q and K) have been dealt out.

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