If this is not possible, then prior to obtaining another insulin preparation, it is advisable to administer insulin with microdoses (less than 1 mg) of hydrocortisone mixed in a syringe.

Severe forms of casino require special therapeutic intervention (prescription of Hydrocortisone, Suprastin, Diphenhydramine, Calcium Chloride). It should, however, be borne in mind that allergic reactions, especially local ones, often result from improper administration of insulin: intradermally or superficially subcutaneously instead of deep subcutaneously; excessive trauma (too thick or blunt needle); the introduction of a highly chilled drug; wrong choice of injection site, etc.free slot games online

Complications of insulin treatment: hypoglycemic conditions.One of the most common complications of slot games is hypoglycemia. If the dose of insulin is incorrectly calculated (its overestimation), insufficient intake of carbohydrates, soon or dua-tiga hours after the injection of short-acting insulin, the concentration of glucose in the blood decreases sharply and a serious condition occurs, up to hypoglycemic coma.casino games real money

When using long-acting insulin preparations, hypoglycemia develops during the hours corresponding to the maximum action of the drug. In some cases, hypoglycemic conditions can occur with excessive physical tertekan or mental shock, excitement. Of decisive importance for the development of hypoglycemia is not so much the level of glucose in the blood as the speed of its decrease.

Thus, the first signs of hypoglycemia may appear already at a glucose level of 5.55 mmol / l (100 mg / 100 ml), if itthe decline was very rapid; in other cases, with a slow decrease in glycemia, the patient may feel relatively well with a blood glucose content of about 2.78 mmol / l (50 mg / 100 mililiter) or even lower. It has been shown that a decrease in blood glucose concentration below 4 mmol/l is accompanied by an increase in the secretion of contra-insulin hormones, leading to rebound hyperglycemia.

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A rapid effect occurs after subcutaneous administration of 1 mg of glucagon to the patient.

This fully applies to undiagnosed nocturnal hypoglycemia, when in response to a decrease in blood glucose levels at dua-tiga a.m., an increase in glycemia occurs, which can reach significant values ​​in the morning before eating. Therefore, patients with diabetes mellitus should not seek to reduce the level of glucose in the blood below the specified level. All cases accompanied by a decrease in glycemia below 4 mmol / l should be considered as hypoglycemic conditions requiring a change (reduction in the dose of insulin, the effect of which falls on a given period of time) of the dose of insulin administered.

Casino the period of hypoglycemia, a pronounced feeling of hunger, sweating, palpitations, trembling of the hands and the whole body appear. In the future, inappropriate behavior, convulsions, confusion or complete loss of consciousness are observed. At the initial signs of hypoglycemia, the patient should eat 100 g of rolls, 3-4 pieces of sugar or drink a glass of sweet tea.

If the condition does not improve or even worsens, then after 4-5 minutes you should eat the same amount of sugar. In the case of a hypoglycemic coma, the patient must immediately inject 60 ml of a 40% glucose solution into a vein. As a rule, after the first administration of glucose, consciousness is restored, but in exceptional cases, in the absence of effect, after lima-10 minutes, the same amount of glucose is injected into the vein of the other hand.

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