The best things in life are free, that’s how the saying goes, and if we’re talking about free slots to play for fun then this definitely rings true. There are two types of slot games you can play online: demo slots which are played for free and slots for real money. While online casinos offer the real money kind (some also offer a demo version), SlotsCalendar offers only free slots (and a link to the best casinos where you can play them for real).

All the hundreds and hundreds of slot machine games on our website have a play for fun link that allows you to play demo slots for fun whenever you want, from wherever you are because they are available 24/7 across all devices.Where can I play free online casino games without downloading?

Free slots have a lot of advantages, for both new and experienced players. When you choose to play slots with demo play on SlotsCalendar, you get to play them with no deposit, no download and no registration required. You just enter the website, pick the game you want to try, click the play button and start playing right away. You don’t need to enter any data at all, no need for any additional things.

The main advantage that comes to mind when playing slots for fun with no money is that it’s completely free, there is 0 risk involved and you have nothing to lose. While there is always even the slightest risk of losing when playing for real money, this can’t happen when you’re playing for free. Another great advantage of demo slot games is that you get to play the newest games that haven’t even been launched in online casinos yet, you get to test everything and know exactly what games you like without having to bet on it to find out.

Our research team is focused on reviewing every single slot game so that you can make informed decisions and know what every slot has to offer, whether it’s worth playing or not and if not what else could you play instead from the same aplikasi provider or the same category. You get details about the graphics, the theme, the bonus features and even Pros and Cons for each slot so even before you hit the play for free button you’ll know what to expect. Check out any free slot you like, we’ve got your back!Slot Machine Terms

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If you’re a new player and are just now getting into online gambling and playing free slots, then there are some terms that might confuse you a bit. We’ve compiled a list of common slot machine terms that you will encounter so that you can understand them better:

👉Paylines: Paylines are the winning lines on which you need to make combinations to win. The number of paylines a slot game can have varies from 1 to 100. Usually, you will have to make combinations of three or more identical symbols (or in combinations with wilds) to get a payout, but unless the combination is on one of the paylines you’ve bet on you will not receive the payout.

👉Reels: The reels of a slot are the vertical divisions of the grid of the game. When you make a bet and press spin, these are the parts of the slot that will spin. You can have 3, lima or more reels depending of the design of the game. Most of the time they all spin together, but there are some games that let you re-spin reels individually (for a secondary bet) in order to get a better payout.

👉Rows: The rows are the horizontal portions of a slot, the opposites of the reels. These do not spin, they are present only to make the division between symbols clear.

👉Paytable: The paytable is a table that you will find in the information section of a slot game (usually marked i) where you can see what combinations of each symbol (three, four, five etc of the same kind) will pay out.

👉Autoplay: Autoplay is a feature that many online slots have that you can set to automatically spin the reels for you for a certain amount of times (10, 20, 50, 100 etc) with a certain bet either until the spins end, until you trigger the bonus feature, until a certain win or loss.

👉Coins: Coins for slots come in many denominations from a penny to five pounds or even more depending on the game. You can choose how many coins you want to bet on a payline and also what your total bet is.

👉Credits: Credits are what the coins are converted to when they are in the machine. So let’s say you play on a nickel slot machine. If you insert a pound into the machine, you will have twenty credits on that machine to use them as you will.

👉RTP: The RTP or Return to Player is a term that casinos use to describe the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players over time. So if you were to make a hundred £1 bets on a machine with an RTP of 98%, you can expect to get back about £98 in wins. The bigger the RTP is, the better your chances of winning are. You should try playing high RTP games, or at least don’t go lower than 94% (if you’re playing progressive jackpot slots).

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👉Volatility: Volatility (often also called variance) refers to the risk and reward involved in the game. For example, high volatility means that the slot game will seldom pay out but when it does the prizes will be big, while low volatility means that the slot game pays often but with smaller prizes.

👉House Edge: The house edge is the casino’s advantage. All games have it, no matter if we’re talking about table games, live casino games, instant win games, slots or others. Assuming a slot game with a 97% RTP, the remaining percentage until 100% is the house edge. The bigger the RTP gets, the smaller the house edge becomes.

👉Software Provider: Software providers are the companies that create the slot games. Companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic, RTG, IGT and many others.

👉Reel Setup: The reel setup is made up of the reels, rows and paylines that each slot game has. For example, you could have a reel setup of 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines.

👉Jurisdiction: Each country has different regulations and laws for online gambling, thus it is important that the game you want to play to be available for your jurisdiction to have the license that works for your country.

👉Bet Level: The bet level is the range of available bets you can make on a game, from the lowest one to the highest one. Like, for example, 0.10 to 100.00.How to use a slot machine in demo mode

So you’re looking to play a great slot for free. Maybe you’ve searched for it from your browser via a search engine, maybe you’ve come straight to SlotsCalendar. Either way, once you’re here we have you covered. If you’ve come here from a search engine then you’re directly on the game page, if you’re directly on SlotsCalendar (because you’ve bookmarked us or know how to find us) then you will have to either enter the name of the game in the search bar on the upper left side to find it or you can go looking for it in one of our many categories.

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Another option if the game is new or if it’s not yet launched and are not sure what it’s called, you can look for it using the calendar functionality. Just click on each day and you will find the game.

Once you’re on the game laman you will be able to read a full review about it or just check the main details on the right side, play the game and even grab a bonus or go play it for real money, your choice.

To play the game in demo mode these are the tiga steps you need to take:

1. Click the play button 2. Set your bet (number of coins, bet per line) 3. Press spin (or use the autoplay feature)

If you’ve played it for fun and now want to play it for real there are two routes you can take: 

A. Click on the Play for Real button, make an account at the casino or login, search for the game, repeat the same steps as for the demo version. 

B. If you want to also get a insentif, check the available offers on the game laman and click on the one you like. Read its review, see if it fits your needs and if it does click on the Claim it button. Once you reach the casino, make an account or sign in, claim the offer and start playing. 

The processes are the same no matter if you try them from a desktop/laptop or from any mobile device such as mobile phones or tablets because both SlotsCalendar and the casino’s we review are mobile-friendly.How to play slots against other players

If you’re looking to play for free, but win for real and also let your competitive side take the lead, slot tournaments might be exactly what you’re looking for. Slot tournaments allow you to compete against other players and receive a coin prize. It works like all other slots, you spin to win, but when you do win, you will receive points. The more spins and wins you get, the higher you rank and the better your chances of winning will be.

While some casinos have entry fees, on SlotsCalendar you will find plenty of online casinos that offer free slot tournaments which you can enter and win huge real money prizes.Types of slots with demo play